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- Independence, know how, reputation, confidentiality, access to senior executives
- Our advice is wise and strategic, practical and tactical
- We have chosen the path of independence with a sole focus on senior executive and non executive governance.
- This independence allows us to only accept mandates which correspond to our know-how, culture and style, and also gives us the opportunity to establish authentic relationships. Our search process combines creativity, agility and methodology that meet the specific requirements of each position in an efficient and timely manner.
- We know how to take into account the realities of human behavior and group dynamics as well as the ambiguities of running a business in a context of unprecedented challenges .
- We are focused on a selective number of clients, therefore we guarantee full transparency on off limits companies and offer our clients expansive hunting grounds.
- Our clients value us for our profound expertise, valuable insight, honest advice as well as our hands on approach.

Didier Vuchot

Didier Vuchot
Following a career debut at PUBLICIS headquarters in Paris, Didier Vuchot then started an entrepreneurial career in the universe of consulting and B to B services and sold his company to what later became Adecco. Founder of Vuchot Ward Howell, the main French alternative to the leading global search firms, he merged his company with Korn Ferry at the time of the IPO. Following the successful integration of VWH, he was appointed Head of France and Southern Europe and subsequently Chairman Europe. Among various responsibilities, he founded and led the European CEO and Board Practice. In 2015, he established Didier Vuchot Consultants.

Anne Eugene

Anne Eugène graduated from the Ecole des sciences de l'information and also holds a Master of Arts from the Sorbonne. She has been part of our profession since the nineties where she developed her background on the research and IT sides. Throughout these years, she has acquired a remarkable knowledge of top management in France. Senior researcher at Vuchot Ward Howell, she decided to continue to serve our industry and became head of the multi practice search team at Korn Ferry's Paris office. From 2005 to 2015, Anne Eugène focused her activity as a research consultant for KF Paris CEO and board practice. She joined Didier Vuchot Consultants in 2015.
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