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With more than thirty years of experience, we have learnt to pin-down the major causes of management and leadership failures: indecisiveness, micromanagement, lack of courage, ego, inappropriate political sense - too much or too little - ability to resist to crisis, emotional sensitivity.

We are conscious that our advice has a significant impact on our candidates life and client success and as such, we do our best to assess the components of successful leadership: emotional intelligence, collegiality, sharing, ability to decide in complex situations, clarity, vision, courage, discernment, firmness and fairness, leading the way and federate teams around collective goals.

We treat our candidates with transparency and honesty and our clients with efficiency and discretion. We believe in successful sustainable solutions. As former Chairman of AESC, the global professional association of search industry, Didier Vuchot has always been actively engaged in the promotion and respect of the highest standard of ethics in our industry.

Our culture is based on the double experience of a multinational consulting company with its processes and an entrepreneurial spirit with bespoke solutions offered via independence.
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